Our Story

EL AY LOCAL™ STREETWEAR represents Southern California.

EL AY: “L.A.” pronounced with a laid back Southern California accent.


In February 2020, while stuck in downtown traffic on the 101, Elizabeth searched for a great song on the radio. She went from one radio station to another, only to hear D.J. after D.J. repeating the word “L.A.”

It was then she noticed the more time you spend in L.A., the more you say EL AY like you live here.

Locals use what is considered So-Cal English, a laid back way of speaking, inherent to Los Angeles locals.

Elizabeth envisioned what she heard phonetically, Locals pronouncing the word EL-AY.

From there, a line of apparel was born. EL AY LOCAL™ STREETWEAR is for those who want to represent “L.A.” in a local way, and unique from your average “L.A.” apparel.

Like true EL AY LOCALS we give a portion of our proceeds to charity. Supporting kids aging out of foster care is our mission.

EL AY LOCAL™. Wear it like you live here.